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December 31, 2005

Model:  PS6SA


I wanted to tell you how comfortable the PS6SA single action holster is. I've worn all kinds of holsters, but yours is one of the best. It fits the handgun perfectly, it fits on my body perfectly, and it's going to be my primary holster for concealed carry for a long time to come.

Since I now have two Ruger New Model Blackhawks(long story) I guess I'll shortly be ordering another PS6SA holster.....:)

Thanks for a great product...all the wonderful reviews don't do this holster we say in kenpo karate..."feeling is believing"...:)

Talk to you soon about another holster and ammo carrier...:)

Frank "Pancho" Garza

Another PS6SA Testimonial

December 30, 2005

Model:  PS6 System



Another PS6 System Testimonial

December 8, 2005

Model:  PS7

Thank you for such prompt service ! The PS7 holsters for my H&K .45 and H&K .40 are fabulous !
They work exactly as anticipated. Very comfortable and they hold my weapon securely and at the perfect angle.
VERY MUCH worth the price and the wait .

T.L. White III
Ocala, FL

Another PS7 Testimonial

December 2, 2005

Model:  PS11-2

Just got the ps11-2 last night. Wore it around the house all night. My wife thought I was crazy! Great looking holster and fast on the draw. I can't wait to wear it more and more. Definitely be ordering more. John Young

Another PS11-2 Testimonial

October 27, 2005

Model:  Quick Cal Holster Set

Hi Bob & Company - just received my holsters and belt - great job - fits great and excellent craftsmanship - well worth the wait - many thanks.
Frank Hein,
Mico, Texas

October 25, 2005

Model:  PB7


I received my belt last Thursday. Once again great quality, great service and fast delivery. I am very satisfied. Great doing business with you.

Thank you.
Stephane, Quebec

October 20, 2005

Model:  HT1 Ref1

Hello To Mernickle Custom Holsters,

I just received my Holy Terror Rig, (Early Christmas Present) I am just amazed at the difference in my old holster rig to this one, They are like night and day, I just love it. The workmanship is just wonderful. And I received it long before expected. Keep up the good work guys, you did good!

Now! As soon as Holy Terror gets a break from all that school work, I am going to have her autograph the back of the belt for me!

Thanks again!

Jennifer Stewart aka Stumble Leena Sass # 35071

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

October 19, 2005

Model:  PS6SA

My new PS6SA system arrived today. Beautiful work, the best design & execution I've seen in many years of using good tack and outdoor stuff.  I can wear it in comfort driving, working, and probably anything else.

That was always the problem with my big .44, and you've solved it for me. Can't wait for the rig for the little Lightning; should be even prettier. I believe you now, about no need for a retention strap.

Will take it to our Sportsman's Club sight-in tomorrow, as we have as many as 200 hunters per day for 8 days each year. Maybe we can get you even more if you needed more work, huh? If the little one's like this one, you're likely to get to do some more, for me.

Thanks for your service.
Mervin Johnson Meeker, CO

Another PS6SA Testimonial

October 13, 2005

Model:  PS6SA

Dear Bob and Sherrie,

I just received the PS6SA holster for my Ruger New Vaquero eight days sooner than promised and it is beautiful.  But more so, I'm impressed by the fine workmanship and how it fits my .357 mag like a glove.

For fifty years, I've purchased rigs from Lawrence, Ojala and Alfonso and now you've made me a devoted customer.

Thank You.


Another PS6SA Testimonial

October 12, 2005

Model:  PS19

To the Mernickle family,

I really enjoyed speaking with Mr. Mernickle when I ordered the concealment rig for the Desert Eagle in July. This holster is amazing, and my shooting buddies are shocked that the gun can be effectively hidden. I am very pleased with it and plan to do business with you in the future. Thanks again for a great holster.

I hope you don’t mind, but I attached a picture. Yes, there is a Desert Eagle under there…hidden by a thin nylon vest.

Jason T. Ammons

Washington, Georgia

October 11, 2005

Model:  PS6

Dear Bob,

Be sure that I remember all the fine work you did  for me.  Hopefully some of my requests created some new ideas, etc.

I need to convey a direct story to you. (and its been along time, my friend..)

I was working a detail in another country. To keep a long story short... I was faced with two subhumans who were intent on doing harm to me, my team an my protectee.  At the moment I gave the signal to evacuate the protectee, I also drew my weapon. I was forced to
fire as weapons were pointed at me. The ease, speed and real life usefulness of your holster gave me an edge.  The edge was to draw and engage with smooth and swift action. As I am writing you, it would be apparent what the outcome was.

 I've known you for at least 7 years if not more, you have made every piece of carry leather a man can ask you for. In this case, I honestly believe that I saved my own life, but I'll be doggonnned if I didn't tell  you that that the butter smooth ability to index, draw
from your rig, I'm not sure I'd be here....... equipment can make all the difference in the world thank you.

Thanks from your old pal, Dave

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 4, 2005

Model:  HW2

Bob, Got the holster today. It fits both the gun and I perfect. Put a Silver and Gold Western Buckle on it and it really sets off that bright stainless 357 frame Dan Wesson Revolver. Bullet loops are positioned perfect. Another great job. Thanks much for a fine product. I have been impressed by three products in my life. Your holsters, Maas Metal Polish, and Obenauf's Leather Oil. If you haven't tried the other two recommend you do. They both do everything claimed plus. Hope the children checked the Desoto Thesis, very educational. Again, Thanks much and the Best to you and your family.

Richard Patterson

Another HW2 Testimonial

September 15, 2005

Model:  PS6SA

My little sheriff's cross draw arrived last week. It sets on my hip and holster's like a charm. You do great work, Bob. I'm getting great use out of my other rig I ordered a few years back. Top quality/ workmanship and performance. Nice to know ya Bud! Mark


Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 22, 2005

Model:  Evil Roy System

Sorry for the delay in responding... I have been dealing with some family health issues.

Anyway, I received the Hand carved Evil Roy holsters & belt and the Ammo belt last Tuesday and all I can say is WOW...Bonnie Lynn did a fantastic job on the carving...a real work of art. The quality of the work you folks put out is stunning...really! The leather is every bit of what I expected and then some. You have my utmost thanks and loyalty as a future customer.

It was well worth the wait and I can't wait to show it off at the next shoot. Again, Bob and Sherrie and the rest of the your posse...Thank You!


Marc Paillette 
Alias Dog-leg Don SASS #64376

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

July 30, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror with Evil Roy Tooling

My first rig wasn't contoured. If I sat then stood, I'd have to shove it back into place. It was also tapered at the ends, so I took the holsters off and reversed them so the belt buckled in the back. It worked ok for over a year, then I had crescent ejectors put on my Rugers. The holsters were so tight they would not accept that crescent. I was able to shove the revolvers far enough in to be stable... then I stepped to the firing line, the buzzer beeped and I tried to draw... and pulled my rig up to my armpit.
It wasn't pleasant and was close to impossible to shoot Gunfighter.

So, Bob got a call. My new rig is a modified "Holy Terror" rig, with customized borders and airbrushed dye on the edges. It is gorgeous. The belt is contoured and Bob knows how to fit both smaller and larger ladies. The holsters have steel inserts that are unseen. I've been to one match with this rig and it is phenomenal. I don't know what they did to make the holsters like that, but it seems the revolver grips just want to be in my hands. The holsters are held in place with Chicago screws so I could adjust them to my reach and not worry about them sliding.

Here are the pics:

Did I NEED to purchase such a stylish rig? Nope, but the folks at Mernickles combine style with functionality. When I got the rig, I stared and thought: "I am not worthy." I like that. Similar to my '73 which will always be able to out perform me, this rig was crafted at an extremely high standard.

By the way, I shot that match clean.


Another Holy Terror Testimonial

July 29, 2005

Model:  SH6

Dear Bob
I would just like to say thanks to you and your staff for the wonderful shoulder holster you made for me. The craftsmanship is second to none and still looks great after many hard days in the field. As you know I'm a forest tech. in Northern British Columbia and wear this holster everyday and after 2 months of use the holster looks brand new still. My revolver has never fallen out of this holster yet even after tumbles over rock bluffs and blow down. It is also very nice when riding a horse or on a four wheeler. This is by far the best holster I have ever seen or used. Thank you very much Bob for the great holster and kind service you provided.

Best Regards

Joel Runtz

Another SH6 Testimonial

July 26, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System

First shoot. Thanks for the great holsters!!!!

Shown Worn - Customer Photo

The Sanders

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

July 25, 2005

Model:  CA 5/6

Bob and Sherrie,

The CA 5-6 arrived today. It's a beauty and fits great. I like the low cut style. I can't imagine getting a revolver out of a holster any faster. Now it's up to me to shoot as good as I look <grin>. Hope to  see you folks on the trail someday.

Jim Mehl

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

July 8, 2005

Model:  ERSG1 Ref1

Hi Bob,

I received your Evil Roy Shot Gun Belt Model: ERSG1 Ref1 and wanted to use it in a couple of matches first before I wrote to you. All I can say is "WOW!" As with all your other rigs of yours I have, the workmanship on this one is excellent. My match stage times have dropped quite measurably since I began using this shotgun belt. No more fumbling to grab shells and the pistol/rifle reloads are right there ready to use. The design of this belt makes all the difference in getting a ribbon at a match! Thanks again Bob.


Boothill Bandit

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

July 2, 2005

Model:  PS2SOB

Bob and Bonnie-Lynn,

I just wanted to thank both of you for the work of art that I received. I ordered the PS2SOB with the Kimber logo on it, and fully carved. I could not be happier. It is beautiful. I wanted nice holster to carry my new Kimber in and got more than I expected. It is the finest piece of leather I have ever seen. The fit and function are also perfect. And now that is too late I will tell you that if I would have known how great this holster was going to be I would have paid twice as much as I did. Oh well, I guess I will let you over charge me on the next order.

Again, thank both of you for my one of kind piece of artwork.

Jason Davis
Jackson, Ms

July 1, 2005

Model:  Red Cent Palmer CA23/23


Tobie Tuesday IS her Alias. Her SASS # is 63328 (She is my bartender on Tuesday nights at the Sweetwater Saloon) My Alias is (Duh, ya forgot already?) Dapper Dan SASS# 27235 We are near Monmouth IL (birthplace Of Wyatt Earp) The photos were taken at the beautiful Shady Creek Shootists home range on May 28th 2005 (St Judes Charity Shoot) As to the title of the picture.......SHE is the BEAUTY....and..........I am The BEAST! (case ya hadn't figured that out) She is wearin your belts with a pair of your "Red Cent Palmers" for holsters. (She stole em off me) I am wearin my OLD rig your recently re-dyed for me (CA-5 or 6???)

I swear Bob, your memory is as bad as mine!


Another CA23/23 Testimonial

June 30, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror

Dear Mr. Bob,


Holster was arrived yesterday afternoon.
So beautiful !
Thanks for your kind support.

I will contact you soon.



Another Holy Terror Testimonial

June 29, 2005

Model: HW1

Hi Bob

Received my Double HW1 Pebble-Diamond finish. I supplied my own buckles of sterling silver. I own a Bohlin Rig, Bianchi and now Mernickle, Bob that's not bad company to keep. The rig is absolutely my favorite. I need to get use to the gunfighter cant and forward position of the cups. Then maybe I will get as fast as you!! I will send pictures as soon as I can . Robert Arndt

Another HW1 Testimonial

June 28, 2005

Model: PS6SA System Ref 1

Hi Bob
Just a Note to say that after a year of daily wear I have enjoyed my PS6SASYS and find it very comfortable and durable.
thank you
Roy L.Pennington

Another PS6SA System Testimonial

June 15, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System

Great. Bob, just want you to know that I love this rig. Enough that I'm willing to fork out for a matching set of holsters for my non-primary guns. I was carrying it around EOT trying to match up some accessories to it and I had more than one of the leather makers stop me and ask to look at it. So it has definitely gotten some attention out there. I get numerous compliments on it every time I wear it.

Just thought that you probably would like to know that your work has been appreciated.


Another Holy Terror Shooting System Testimonial

June 10, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System
                & CA17/18/MC1

Bob and Associates

I would like to thank you for the quality holsters and belts that we received yesterday. They far exceeded our expectations and the time that you took to assure a proper fit shows in the fit.

Randell and Mary Sanders

Another Holy Terror Shooting System Testimonial
Another CA17-18/MC1 Red Cent Palmer Testimonial

May 12, 2005

Model: PS6SA System Ref 1

Hi Bob
Just a Note to say that after a year of daily wear I have enjoyed my PS6SASYS and find it very comfortable and durable.
thank you
Roy L.Pennington

Another PS6SA System Testimonial

May 11, 2005

Model: FD1


UPS just dropped off my new FD-1 Fully Carved black Corbin with twenty .45 Colt loops.
This is the third or fourth rig I've ordered from you and each time I'm waiting to have one built, I get antsy. After seeing the quality of the first rig, I always looked forward to the others with growing impatience. After four months of waiting for this FD-1, I was starting to twitch and walk a little crooked but when I opened the box (which I did instantly on the front porch), all that wait seemed as nothing. Beautiful doesn't describe this rig. Masterful full carving, rich black and a perfect fit for my 3-screw nickel Bob Graham Titanium .45. I loaded the loops with twenty nickel .45s and bent the shank to my body and draw style and all is well in Texas.

Please thank everyone who had a hand in the creation of the perfect work of deadly art. I am, as usual, speechless (or nearly so) at the craftsmanship and practical knowledge that went into my new thumbing rig. I'll use it for years and whenever someone says, "Oh, my God! Where did you get that rig," I'll just smile and say, "Bob Mernickle, of course."

Thank you all.

Don Leach

Another FD1 Testimonial

May 10, 2005

Model:  HW3 REF23

 Hi, Bob & Sherrie

Just picked up my mail and could hardly believe my eyes, Bob it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. All I can say it was worth the wait. The carving is out of this world it's hard to believe the detail and craftsmanship that went in to making it. Everyone I've shown it to is in total disbelief. My gun fits like a glove - the holster fit perfectly every thing about it is perfect,.  All I can say is you DA man, Please tell Bonnie Lynn how pleased i am with her work.  She really is a true artist. God knows I know you are glad to be finished with me.  I hope I can order another in the near future. I already have my eye on another one.  Just wanted to let you know I could not have been more pleased with the finished product. Again thank you for a beautiful master peace that I will treasure for ever. God bless you and your family.

Until our trails cross again
deLacy S. C.

Another HW3 Testimonial

May 07, 2005

Model: AWB10


Well, I've had the cartridge belt a couple of weeks now - just hadn't been near a computer so I could write and say Thank You !!! It really is so awesome and I couldn't be happier !! Everyone I've shown it to has been green with envy. I can't wait for the holster !

I've been visiting this website ( looking for a bowie to go with the whole outfit. I'll have to take pictures when it's all together....


Tom Kollin

May 02, 2005

Model: Holy Terror Shooting System


Thanks for my Holy Terror rig! It turned out great and fits perfectly! I can’t wait to take it out and try it out. It is heads and tails above my old rig!



April 26, 2005

Model: Evil Roy Shooting System

I received my Evil Roy Holsters and Shotgun belt this afternoon. I Just wanted to say thanks for getting them done so quickly. It is by far the best rig I have ever owned, not to mention the best looking. Everything from the fit to the finish is 2nd to none. Thanks for such a great product.

Happy shootin'
Jason Elvey

April 24, 2005


Hi Bob-

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my first order from you. The delivery date was much quicker than I expected and the quality of the PS6SASYS is most excellent.

I enjoyed talking flying with you when I placed my order and will be ordering again in the future.

Take care,

Steve Lewis

Another PS6SASYS Testimonial

April 23, 2005

Model: PB1


Just to let you know that I received my belt this week. Great looking and very well made. Very satisfied with it and with the service provided.

Thank you

Another PB1 Testimonial

April 21, 2005

Model: HW3

Bob & Sherrie Mernickle,

I received the HW3REF16 today. It is all that I expected and more. Thanks a million for all your help and kindness. I know I will enjoy this rig for many years to come. It is sure a beauty. Best regards.

Four Finger Sam

Another HW3 Testimonial

April 20, 2005

Model:  SH7


Thanks for the shoulder holster it is working out very well. I have
attached a photo of our most recent spring turkey hunt. The holster is quiet and comfortable a must for turkey hunting.

This turkey had a 9.25 inch beard and weighed 20 lbs. The Longbeard was taken opening day of Spring turkey season near my home here in Texas. The gun was Model 83 Freedom Arms .475 with 1000 fps cast bullets. Feel free to use the photo for ads, or endorsements.


Chris Keck

Another SH7 Testimonial

April 19, 2005

Model: PS2

First off thanks for the great products. Between the wife and I we use all three that I bought from you. My wife likes my PS-2 so much she has decided that she wants one for her Springfield 1911 sub-compact. Could you please give me a price and also your address again so that I can send you a check for the new holster.

Thanks,  Jason

Another PS2 Testimonial

April 17, 2005

Model: HW3

Hi Bob

Just wanted to let you know that I finally received my order - took about a month to clear Customs. They are great. The 7 & 1/2 " HW3  holster fits my Super Blackhawk to a T. I picked them up Friday and had a shoot Saturday. Unfortunately, my New Vaqueros have been recalled so I haven't had the chance to try them out in the CA 17/18 set. Thanks for the great work.


Another HW3 Testimonial

March 29, 2005

Model: PS2

Bob -

My name is Howard DeWitt. Over the past few years, you have made several items for me, and I've enjoyed them very much. In fact, I own a boatload of holsters...many from top manufacturers, and I always go back to the PS-2 holsters you have made for me. Nothing else seems as comfortable, as easy on and off, or as easily concealed. So...I'm in the market for another one.

Here's the deal. I recently purchased a handgun that I'm finding it difficult to fit for a holster: it is a HK P7 M8. It is a great weapon: accurate, reliable, and very compact....and thin. I'd very much like to have you make a PS2SOB for it, and I'd like it made "deep," like you did for my Commander. Are you set up to be able to make this rig for the P7?

Thanks much!

- Howard DeWitt
(North Carolina)

Another PS2 Testimonial

March 1, 2005

Model: FD4

Dear Bob,

My FD-4 arrived today! It is the most beautifully crafted piece of leather, fits perfectly, and I could not be more pleased. You are  an artist. I will be ordering more of your products very soon. Very impressed,

Kurt Christian

Another FD4 Testimonial

February 23, 2005

Model: PS6SA

Dear Bob,

The holster arrived today - - and it is GREAT!! All is as I requested, it looks terrific, the workmanship is superb - - and I am very pleased with the product!

I am also grateful for the patience and tolerance that you, Sherrie, and Steve showed me during the "go - no go" phase of this order. You are a grand bunch of folks!!

Thanks Again,
Ron Nowlan

Another PS6SA Testimonial

February 16, 2005

Model: HW5

Hi Bob,

Just a note to let you know I received the PS-6DA for my Taurus 605 today. In a word, the holster is, as anticipated, perfect in all respects! I often find myself in situations where it is necessary to carry a small, lightweight, and more easily concealed revolver in place of larger and more bulky auto. The J-frame 605 (loaded with hot .38s) fits this bill nicely, and now the addition of a PS-6DA to carry it in meets this need even more effectively. It never ceases to amaze me how you folks can produce a holster that rides high (which is very important to conceal ability, I think), but still remains close to the body. Until I received the PS-6DA, I was carrying this handgun in an old clamshell holster I had lying around, which was workable, but never truly satisfactory. Though I've said it many times for other holsters you've built for me, thanks once again for producing such a high-quality and reliable rig.

Take care, and may all your shots hit the 10-ring.

--Rich Rollins

Another HW5 Testimonial

February 15, 2005

Model: HW5

Hello Bob

Just a brief note to let you know that I received my HW5R holster last week.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this modern work of art. My respect to your craftsmen who created such a masterpiece. The leather smells and feels great. The gun fits like a glove and it looks great. When you have achieved perfection you should lay back and enjoy the fruits of your labour - "Enjoy Bob!!".

Wishing you, your family and staff and prosperous and happy year. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

All the best

Ken Miller
(a very satisfied customer)

Another HW5 Testimonial

February 14, 2005

Model: PS6

I got my holsters and belt today. They are better than anything I've seen in a store. I really like the way the high rise fits my 1911's. Thanks for the craftsmanship. So I got to ask, do you make a high rise to fit a Springfield XD 4" Barrel and mag pouches. Let me know and I'll order.

John Hemingway

Another PS6 Testimonial


February 4, 2005

Model: PS6


Received my holster this past Wednesday. I'll be honest. I was skeptical when I pulled it out of the box. "How is this going to retain my handgun?" I asked myself.

I strapped it on (using my thick, stiff gun belt) and holstered the weapon...IT FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!!

I have worn this for two days now and am very impressed with the workmanship and how it places my weapon on my belt in a very comfortable position.

I am very pleased with my purchase and can't wait to shows the guys I shoot with at the IPDA range.

THANK YOU for a good product!


Rich Gire
Walton, KY

Another PS6 Testimonial


February 3, 2005.

Model: CA23/23

yes virginia there is a santa, and his name is bob mernickle.....just received my red cent palmer rig ..,it
was christmas morning all over its great even better than the pix on line... I love it and am thrilled....your workmanship is flawless.

sincerely don corvan ..bigfork mt.

February 2, 2005

Model: CA11/11


Received the holsters last week for my pard Bob Lewis. As usual, they we're perfect! Bob is a happy camper! The fit is perfect and the leather color very nice! That's two for two! As I've said before, there's no better leather product on the market regardless of price and I've owned a few! Great service and good prices. Thanks again!

Marshal Joseph James Mountford

January 29, 2005

Model:  CA12 - PS6

Bob, I told you I'd send a photo of my CA12 Slim Jim after I got it, but I kept getting distracted. Now I have a PS6 with my initials on it. Whew! I really value these holsters. They look great and they function just as well. Here are photos of both.

Francis DeRepespinis

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 17, 2005

Model: SH5

Perfect fit! Thank you for the extra time and effort that you put into making this rig for me. I appreciate it.

Ed Smith

Another SH5 Testimonial

January 13, 2005

Model:  PS8

Hey Bob, I was in the hospital for about two weeks and when I got home there was the holster. This is definitely one of the nicest holsters you have ever made up for me! It just is super nice and the weight distribution on the belt is fantastic. Conceals very nicely as well.

Thanks for the good job and getting it done on a rush for me, I really appreciate it.


Another PS8 Testimonial

January 11, 2005

Model: HW1

Bob--The rig was just delivered by the UPS man (even better then Santa Claus) a few minutes ago. The black rough-out HW-1 double. This time it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I want you to know how much I appreciate your making the effort to do it my way. You are correct that there was nothing wrong with the original but the line of the holsters wasn't what I wanted. The rig that came today is the perfect picture of what I am seeking--thank you. I will be posting on a couple of cowboy shooters web sites how pleased I am with your work and I'll be happy to say good things about Mernickle Custom Holsters to anyone who asks (and even if they don't ask). I feel that I am now in the possession of the sweetest rig anyone could ever want. It is a pleasure doing business with someone who cares what his customer wants.
thanks, again,

 Andy Bullen (Sagebrush Burns)

Another HW1 Testimonial

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