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Testimonials 2002 and Previous

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December 31, 2002

Model:  HW12 Convertible

"It's gorgeous!  Real work of art.  I'm sure it will blow my son away when he opens the present."

After Christmas addition: Yes, a big hit.  His first words were, "Awesome!"  His first action, after I explained its convertibility, was to change it to the lower setting.  And then he pretty much wore it the rest of the day, strutting around whilst practicing his fast draw (of course, two basic principles: gun unloaded and never pointed at any person anyway).  Yes indeed, a big hit.

Les Rogers.

Another HW12 Testimonial

December 29, 2002

Model: CA4

I just got back from the Post Office where I found my CA4 waiting for me. It is about two weeks early, so I was really delighted!

Well, I can't tell you how pleased I am. The material and workmanship appear to be flawless. The fit to my revolver is impeccable, and I am very well pleased. I have spent a fair amount of time (off and on) over the last fifty years carrying a single action revolver in the woods, and I have never had a rig as nice as the one you made for me. I figure  that it can only get better as I wear it.

Could I sandpaper the inside of the belt to make it just a bit less slick? I don't have much of a butt to hold it up.

It really is beautiful and I am sure it will outlast me by many years.

Thank you ever so much again.



Another CA4 Testimonial

         December 16, 2002

        Model: PS2

I received my PS2 holster Saturday. My birthday is shortly after Christmas and my wife's idea was to give it to me then. However, I talked her into letting me wear it now. I have been using it since and am very pleased with it. It is such an improvement over my old inside the waistband holster that there is no comparison. It holds the gun securely, yet is very easy to draw from. It is very comfortable to wear. But the thing I'm most impressed with is how it stays put. It shifts very little if at all while I move about and conceals easily even under a light vest. I'm sure you know all this, being as you built the holster, but I just wanted to let all of you know how happy I am with your holster. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Feel free to post this on your customer comments page. I hope to be able to do business with you folks again in the future.

Flint Bargar

Another PS2 Testimonial

        December 12, 2002

Model: PS6-SA

Just wanted to thank you for this beautiful holster. It arrived today (Nov. 6th) and I was so excited to open the box the plastic peanuts flew all over the kitchen. My Doug Turnbull restored first generation Colt SAA has found a home that will do it justice. Thanks again

........I cannot begin to tell you of all the compliments I have received so far from wearing this holster.

Philip Rieman
Broken Arrow, OK

Another PS6SA Testimonial

December 1, 2002

Model:  PS6T & PS2


You've done it again!

Two new holsters were waiting for me when I got back from a business trip. That was quick! In plenty of time for Christmas. (As the PS2 is a present.)

Sweet! They're beautiful and solid as always and the fit couldn't possibly be better!

I can't tell you enough how happy I am with your work. You've not only made me a very happy camper again, you've made me a customer for life.

As I discussed with you previously, I need a holster for a black powder revolver and I'll be in touch with you soon.

Thank you very much,

Robert McGowan

Another PS2 Testimonial
Another PS6T Testimonial

November 27, 2002

Model: PS6-SA

Can you give me a quote on an FD9 holster only in roughout tan (natural) for a Colt's SSA 4 5/8" bbl.?  I have an old roughout belt that was made by Richard Boone's stunt double on HGWT years ago that I would like to do something with and I can't think of anything better than to hang one of your holsters off of it.

Don Stadler

PS:  Still, a year later,  carrying my work Colt's in your PS6-SA rig.  I am surprised that there is no wear, considering the economy of leather.  Not a big, bulky rig at all.  A tribute to your skill!

Another PS6SA Testimonial


November 23, 2002

Model: SH9 Shoulder Holster
           PS23 Magazine Pouch
           PB1 Pistol Belt

In a word, Bob, your rig is absolutely beautiful, and I truly appreciate, also, the work that you've put in to the mag pouches and belt, which show no flex whatsoever despite the weight.

Thank you very much for your excellent work. I am honestly impressed by the craftsmanship and details, and am completely happy with all pieces.


Chieh Allen Lee
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Another SH9 Testimonial
Another PB1 Testimonial

November 7, 2002

Model: PS6-SA

Bob, just received my holster, the PS6-SA.  Excellent quality - fine fit.  Already see a couple more I will be ordering.  Nice to find such quality and work, and prices.  Thanks again.

John Burnell
Fenton, Mi

Another PS6SA Testimonial

November 6, 2002

Model: HW1

Dear Bob

I received the rig safe and sound.  It is absolutely first class.

All the best


Another HW1 Testimonial

October 25, 2002

Model: PB1

Howdy.  Got the gun belt yesterday ... looks great.  Definately helped in keeping the colt upright in the PS6.

Thanks for the quality and service.


Another PB1 Testimonial

October 24, 2002

Model:  SH6

Hello Bob!

My shoulder holster arrived today.  Thank you so much for such nice workmanship.  I'm eager to show it to the group we shoot with.  Hopefully I can send some business your way.  In time I will order again.  I especially like the use of the softer leather for the shoulder strapping and the firmness of the holster itself.  A definite winner!

Best regards,

Wayne Schnetzer

October 20, 2002

Model:  PB1

I love my current belt and want another just like it.  I need to get one that I will wear only for "dress" as my current belt has a few scuffs from everyday use (and not so everyday use), but it is still rugged as an ox!  Your products are great investments.

Thanks again.

David Perodin
Portage, WI

Another PB1 Testimonial

October 11, 2002

Model: CA9


I'm sure you hear this all the time about the quality of your products and how delighted you customers are. It is such a pleasure for me as a customer to be able to say that to a person whom I do business with.  Little details like the shelf below the loops to hold the shells in place. Neat stuff.



The shotgun shell holder arrived today and it is exactly what I want. Thank you for the quick turnaround. I could not be happier. I will take the catalog with me to the shoots this weekend and copies of your web page to hand out. More business to come.



October 10, 2002

Model: FD9 with HW3XD

Bob, please excuse the subject name ³awsesome² as it is such an overused cliché. But awesome is the first word that came to mind upon opening the Box containing my black carved rig with a cross holster, the shoulder rig and the belt. When the aroma of fresh dyed hand carved leather came wafting out of the box I felt the excitement of Christmas 1957 when I opened my Red Ryder BB gun at the age of 10. Whoa Mr. Kudos to all. Bonnie your carving is exquisite. Thank you so very much and the very best to all of you.

Patrick S. Cashmore

        September 30, 2002

        Model: PS6

Received my PS6 today and as always you have exceeded my expectations in terms of timeliness and fit and finish.  Thanks a lot.  I am sure I will be ordering again soon.

        Aaron Jacobs

        p.s. The carving is exceptional!

        Another PS6 Testimonial

        September 27, 2002

        Model: PS6SA and PB1

        Hi Bob.  Thanks for the holsters and belt.  Nice work and one of the few really creative useful designs in the business.

        Thanks, Dodge

        Another PS6SA Testimonial

        September 09, 2002

        Model: PS2 and PS26

Thanks Bob.  I got the PS2 holster and PS26 Magazine carrier for my Sig P239 and I am completely satisfied!  I appreciate all your help.  I hope we can do business again in the future.

        Best Regards,

        John Lindly

        Another PS2 Testimonial

        September 01, 2002

        Model: HW12

Boy is this H12 a nice piece of work. Course all your leather is nice quality but I just got this in and had to take it for myself before it hit the shelves, HE HE. That's the one advantage of owning my own store is that I get to see things first!!!! I just sent a check for the cross draw to go with it and can't wait to shoot it at a match. That's saying something coming from me as I have one of your fully carved rigs and a couple others that I own for myself, but this one just caught my fancy in looks and workmanship. Thanks for the fast turn around time and quality.

 Your pard, Hot Rod.

        August 30, 2002

        Model: PS6

Howdy,  received the PS6 Friday.  I have been wearing it since then.  When I put my pants on, I put my gun on, and it is there until I undress.  I actually had to check once to see if I still hand the Colt Officer's model on my belt.  It is so compact and carries the bulk of the gun just high enough above my waist, that the weight is better distributed on my belt.  I carry my pistol right at 3:00 o'clock and no matter what I used in the past, I could always feel that lump bearing down on the side of my hip. 

I find that due to your low cut front design, the "higher carry" in no way slows down clearing the holster.  It is as fast an any pancake, belt slide, or Yaqui or any of that type of holster.  In other words, I like it!!

Your secret tab really works.  I am also impressed by the fit and have found that you can't pull the gun out of the holster from the front i.e. somebody trying to make a gun grab from the front, and yet drawing the gun in a normal manner is slick and quick!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the decoration on the holster.  I ordered a plain black one and, the stamping is a nice and unexpected bonus.  It is greatly appreciated.

I will let you know how things work out after wearing the holster for a few days, weeks ... etc.  As of now, I am very pleased with the positioning, comfort and quality.  I'll be showing this little critter to my friends and I suspect you will be getting more orders from Wyoming.  Thanks for a great product, and even better service.


Chip Harding

Another PS6 Testimonial

        August 29, 2002

        Model: PS6SA

Mr Mernickle, a couple of weeks ago I contacted you just to see if my order had reached you.  You informed me that it had and that it takes about 6 weeks to ship an order.  You said you received the order July 26, I believe.  That would mean I still have about 2 or 3 weeks wait.  No big deal.  Well, I was surprised today to find my order had arrived.  I was on my way to work and could just give it a cursory look.  It looks better in the hand than in a picture.  It looks great!  I will write you back in a few weeks, after I have tried it, to let you know what I think of it.  I'm sure I will be pleased with it.  There is another holster that I like, it is the HW14.  Who know, I may later on order it with maybe a straight drop instead of the angled drop.  You certainly surprised me.

Ronnie S. Thacker

Another PS6SA Testimonial

        August 21, 2002

        Model: CA5/6


I just received my order in the mail.  Its outstanding!  The entire rig looks terrific and I can't wait to show it off.  You did great work!  My initial look at things shows that the order came in just right and the fit looks good too.

        Chris Casper

        Another CA5/6 Testimonial

        August 18, 2002

        Model: SH7

I want to thank you for the fine job you did on my holster.  It was here on time for me to take hunting.  You stayed true to your word and today that means a lot.  So again, THANK YOU.

Harold Linnastruth

Another SH7 Testimonial

         August 17, 2002

        Model: HW3

        Dear Bob,

        Received the rig last night.

I'm still lacking the words to describe the absolute beauty of your artistry.  It was a given that the quality would be outstanding - the rig is so far beyond the definition of "quality", I find it unexplainable.

The fit is perfect. The six extra loops are completely accessible, and the '58 Remmies fit as if you had the actual pieces themselves.  They draw from the holsters smoothly, and are retained just right.

How you do it I'll never know, but that's why you're an artist.  I've never been really satisfied with the commercial holsters for my carry gun, so in the near future I'll probably be contacting you for your advice.

Thanks so very much - I can't wait for our next shoot to wear them.

Saying I'm a "satisfied" customer is a gross understatement.

Best Regards.

Wally Fish

Another HW3 Testimonial   

        August 7, 2002.

        Model: FD1

        To the staff at Mernickle Custom Holsters

I just received a beautiful holster from the "Mernickles" and wanted to write a thank you for a business transaction that didn't feel like a business transaction at all.  The staff was great, the young lady that I spoke on the phone with, I'm sorry I don't remember her name, but she was exceptional.  I ordered a holster, and by fault, all my own, it wasn't what I expected it to be when I received it.  I was told to send it back, I did.  I called and spoke with Bob M. personally, and together we came up with a design that was perfect.  I received it today and it really is perfect.  So in closing I would like to say thanks to Bob and his staff for the personal attention you just don't get anymore.

Thanks Bob and Staff

Martin A Szoke

Another FD1 Testimonial

        July 09, 2002

        Model: CA5/6

Bob, I want to thank you and your staff for taking the extra effort to get my new holsters to me in time to shoot my first SASS meet.  Actually, you got them to me early enough to make a shoot even earlier than I had planned/asked you to meet.  The holsters are really nice.  They fit well, glad you all leaned on me to get the 40 inch belt.  They do have a gunfight look to them.  I love the new Cowboy stitch on the holsters and belts.  My black boots actually have a matching stitch on the toe portion!  I got a lot of positive comments on them when I wore them to the Virginia Beach, Pungo Posse shoot this past Saturday.  People wanted to know where I got them from, wanted to try their guns in them.  You need to include a few business cards with your orders when you ship them to us to hand out.  Two questions, where would be a good local type of store to get some black tie down straps for my legs if I want to play gunfighter, and two, what is a good dressing to put on the holsters and belt when they get wear marks and such?  (Answer:  "We use Acrylic on the holsters so when they start looking dull just go to a leather shop and ask for some. If you can't find it there we have it here.  Be glad to send you a couple of tie downs.")

Again, thank you very much.  I will be more than glad to brag about these holsters to anyone that will listen.  I really like the simplistic, gunfighter look.

Butch Bendl

        Another CA5/6 Testimonial

        July 02, 2002

        Model: PS6SA

Bob, I received the holster today.  It fits the weapon perfectly (snug but quick on the draw).  As always, the finish and craftsmanship are beyond reproach.

Thank you so much for the prompt service and the wonderful product.  Now I have to go out and buy more handguns so that I have an excuse to  purchase more of your fine holsters.

        John Booth

        Another PS6SA Testimonial


        July 1, 2002

        Model: CA2

        Hi Bob,

Yesterday when I came home from work a packet was waiting for me and ... it was my belt and holster!  It is very beautiful and  fits me and my sixgun perfect.  I had to wear it the entire evening and my fiancee was laughing because I must have acted like a 10 year old boy that got a new toy!

Thanks for the nice job and that you made it possible in that short time.

Best regards, Conrad.

Another CA2 Testimonial       

June 30, 2002

Model: PS6SA

Bob:  After e-mailing you yesterday, I received my holster later in the day.  It's a beautiful piece of work, and fits my gun like a glove.  Thank you much for all your help.  I hope I can refer some more business your way.

Thanks agian.

Dick Haas

Another PS6SA Testimonial

June 01, 2002.

Model: PS6 and PS2

Hi Bob,

Just got home and found my PS-2 and PS-6 waiting for me.  OUTSTANDING!!!!  These holsters are truly functional works of art!  I know they'd be good, but they are beyond good.  They're fantastic!  The fit and retention is perfect and the quality is second to none!

Thanks again from hone very happy customer,

Robert McGowan

Hi again Bob!

I just left my local gun shop where the subject of new plastic type holsters came up. (And how reasonably priced they are.) I told the owner and another patron about your company and how pleased a customer I am. When I told them I had you make a couple of custom holsters for me, the response from the patron was "Yeah. And what did that cost? A couple hundred dollars a piece?" They were floored when I told them "Not even close!" They were amazed when I related the tale about our venture (unsuccessful one) to get a dummy gun from the manufacturer so you could start making holsters for me. And how we (due to your idea) solved the problem. Well, they just had to see one of the holsters for themselves. I said "You're in luck, I have the PS-2 with me." They were impressed. Very impressed! They wanted to know all about your company so I'm sending them your home page via email. The shop owner is very anxious to see the PS-6 so I promised to bring it in for his inspection soon. (There isn't a doubt in my mind that he'll love it!)

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Robert McGowan

Another PS6 Testimonial
Another PS2 Testimonial

May 31, 2002.

Model: PS6


Got the holster (PS6) and the belt and cuff/magazine holster.  Great workmanship ... I am very pleased ... the belt is one heck of a strong piece of leather and I doubt I could ever wear it out.

Thanks again ... I will be recommending you to my fellow law enforcement friends.


Another PS6 Testimonial

May 21, 2002

Model: PS7-2


I got it.  Great craftsmanship!  It holds my Combat Commander exactly where I want it.  Thanks for the great work.  I'll be ordering from you again in the future when I figure out what my next carry gun will be.

Garry McFarlane

Another PS7 Testimonial

April 29, 2002

Model: HW14

I am honored.  Thank You. It does take to the camera good doesn’t it.

PS.  I never did get back to you about my newest holster.  All I can say is:  “It is what I have come to expect.  The best damn rig on planet earth.”  It gets along so well with my Vaquero that they are now married.  Needless to say, it was built perfectly for me.  The more we do this the better everything gets.

David Bailles


March 12, 2002

Model: FC2

Hi Bob,
   Just wanted to let you know I got Your High Ride Field Holster for my Ruger Single Six .22 today.  It's a beautiful piece of work.  I've never owned a holster that fit a gun so well.  It holds pistol very securely, yet allows a nice clean draw.  Very nice indeed.  
I'll be doing a lot of hiking wearing this holster and when the snow melts and our shooting range opens I'll be wearing it there too.  I'll give your name and address to others and I'll recommend your work to them---highly.  Your finished holster made the wait well worth it.  I really like it.  
Thanks very much.  I appreciate it.
Ed Henzi

January 18, 2002

Model: CA5/6


I'm in receipt of the gun belt and holsters today.  I must say I am very pleased when I opened the box and saw the great craftsmanship.  Is it exquisite work and I love it.  My wife is in love with it also.  Thanks for a job well done.  It is worth every penny I paid for it.

Happy Shooting

George Yoder

a.k.a. Frosty Thunder

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

December 14, 2001

Model: CA6

Good Morning Bob,

We got Paul's holster yesterday...just wanted to let you know he is really happy with it!

He really looks sexy with it on!

There's just something about a man with new crackling brings back teenage memories...I was raised on a farm..

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Margaret (Paul's girlfriend)

December 12, 2001.

Model: HW3

Since my SASS character is not a well-off sort and packs a pair of Remington 1858 New Army cap and ball revolvers with 7 =" barrels, I was looking for a double rig of fairly plain design suitable for a C&B shooter. I looked at what was on the market and didn't see anything that really suited my taste and my character.

That's when I ran across your Web site. I looked at your offerings and the double buscadero rig struck my fancy! I liked the look and the idea of the "lady cut" belt as well. I called, explained what I was after, and asked you to make me something.

Well, it arrived today and all I can say is "HOT DAMN!" - what a gorgeous rig!!!! The "lady cut" belt fits perfectly and carries the weight like a dream! The way you cut the holsters to go with the Remingtons is INCREDIBLE! The trim "modified slim-jim" looks positively elegant with the Remingtons. The belt that could have looked very nondescript without cartridge loops looks wonderful with the edge stitching and the few little extras embellishments! The shading of the leather adds yet another touch of class.

There is a saying about "beauty in simplicity" - well, THIS IS IT!

It is a mighty fine looking rig - I have no regrets at all about trusting your artistic talents and you can be sure I'll be telling everybody exactly WHO made this lovely "lady's cap and ball rig"!


Dianne Best
"Calamity Jane Canary" SASS 40978
Manitoba Canada

Another HW3 Testimonial

December 06, 2001

Model: FC 5-6-8

Hallo Bob 

Ich möchte mich recht herzlich für mein Holster FC 5-6-8 bedanken. 
Ich bin von deiner handwerklichen Arbeit und der Verwendung des hochwertigen Sattelleders total Begeistert.
Selten habe ich so ein perfekt verarbeitetes Holster und Patronengürtel Gesehen.
Jetzt endlich habe ich ein Holster für meine 1911er im Western Stiel. Meine Schützenkameraden waren auch total begeistert von der handwerklichen und Leder Qualität.
Einer hat ja mitlerweile auch schon dein CA 2 System bestellt.
Eines möchte ich noch sagen das war nicht mein letztes Holster das ich bei dir gekauft habe.

Ich sage nur DANKE Bob

Michael  aus GERMANY

December 05, 2001

Model: CA5/6

Hey!  Hope your doing fine.
I rec'd the holsters and belt they are beautiful, the guns fit perfect.  Now, all I have to do is wait for Saturday so I can strut my stuff. Thanks for a really fine job, the girls sure did a fine job. You can sure be proud of them.

Yours Truly
Gary Gaff

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

December 01, 2001

Model: HW4




Another HW4 Testimonial

October 30, 2001

Model: CA5/6


After using my CA5/6 "rig" the past few weeks at gun shows and in four matches, I learned that the design of this "rig" is wonderfully technically proficient.  Your knowledge and experience  in fast draw makes significant difference. E.g., the cartridge loops on my "rig" are at the top of the belt and easy to access: the holsters are designed for easy access and re-entry and the cant of the CD is "right". The lined belt is easy on and off.  It simply does not need a "double loop" and it is comfortable to wear

Our CAS club, (Orygun Cowboys) meets for the third NW Regional Planning Session tomorrow night. I am the "Posse Marshall" for sponsors and vendors this year.  One of the agenda items is Sponsors and another is Vendors.   Would you be interested in:

1. Attending the Regional

2. Being a sponsor

3. Display your leather on vendor's row

4. Other (e.g. providing a CA5/6 or similar rig at the dinner drawing).

Thank You for your outstanding service and quality of leather with my first order.

J. Boone Emmons
Portland, Oregon.

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

October 23, 2001

Model: PS6SA

Hi Bob,

As you know, I had to call you to let you know how pleased I was when I received my PB 5 belt with the buckle and PS 6 SA Holster. The workmanship on each is superb. My Colt single action army fits perfectly, and the belt was made to my measurements exactly. I will use them proudly and will enjoy their use. Please use this letter as a testimonial to your great quality and workmanship. I know I will certainly recommend your company to my friends for their leather products, and you have a permanent customer with me.

Best Regards,

Ben Motta, Texas

Another PS6SA Testimonial

October 17, 2001.

Model: PS9-2

Bob, received holsters and, as always (this is my 5th from you) they are superb!  The forward cant of the belt PS9-2 allows me to carry my full-size 1911 with very little needed to cover..usually just a short vest.  Do you think that's because I am getting older and wear my pants much higher?  :)

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know they got here in fine shape. Thanks again.  Ed

COL Edward M. Knights

Another PS9-2 Testimonial

October 06, 2001

Model: FD7

Hi Bob.

I thought I'd drop a line to let you know that I received the new holster a few days ago, thanks. It looks as good as I expected, and I'll be proud to wear it.

Thanks again, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Howard Darby

'The Gunfighter Zone' - Helping you re-live the excitement of the 'Wild West'.

Another FD7 Testimonial

September 25, 2001

Model: FD7


Thank you so much for my new holster! It is fabulous! I never thought I'd ever have my own FD7, but winning one was a dream come true. I just wanted to let you know how much I love my holster and how great of an artist you are! Your holsters are real works of art. I will always wear my Mernickle holster with pride!

So, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

Shauna Frey
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Another FD7 Testimonial

September 07, 2001

Model: PS9-2


I would just like to let you know that I have received the holster you made for me and to tell you that I am extremely pleased with your craftsmanship. Not only does it fit my weapon but it is very comfortable to wear. I appreciate your time and effort that you put into my holster.

Thank you,


Another PS9-2 Testimonial

September 07, 2001

Model: PS6SA

Dear Bob,

Rec'd the PS6SA for my Colt's.  Really nice job!  Exceeded my expectations.  I really like the weight of the leather.  This one does not need to be thick. I'll start wearing it for concealed carry in the Fall.  It might interest you to know that it is a perfect fit for my "regular use" blue/case hardened 4 5/8" (my "showpiece" nickel 5 1/2" fits well too) but my junker Dakota, that I keep around to let people play fast draw, has too tight a fit.  Good going!  This shows you are the master. This holster is too good for a Dakota anyway.  Nothing but pure Colt's will ever touch it.

Thanks again.

Don Stadler

Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 15, 2001

Model: PS8

Hi Bob,

Just got to Portland and looked at the new holster.  I'm REALLY pleased.  It is so much smaller than the sig unit I'm used to.  Its so small that it's almost cute.

Thanks much for your extra efforts.


August 09, 2001

Model:  PS6SA

Mr. Mernickle,

Received my holsters yesterday and they are great.  I do like them very much.  High quality and good lookin' too" 



Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 07, 2001

Model:  PS6SA

Good Morning Bob,

I received my Taffin #1PS6A yesterday and is all and more than I expected!  The workmanship and material quality is outstanding!  The round carrier is equal to the holster!

The Ruger looks right at home and the fit is perfect.  I look forward to many years of use from this rig.

Needless to say I will show your work off to my friends and hope to send you orders from them.  I'm sure I will have more leather needs myself and I will always check with you.

Thanks again for the beautiful job.


Another PS6SA Testimonial

July 18, 2001

Model: PS9-2


I received it over the weekend.  Although I have double western holsters for cowboy action from you, this is the first "working" holster I have had made by y'all.  It is superb! ...and very comfortable (important for those of us who have not yet legislated away our freedoms and are allowed to protect ourselves.  I will never buy another "off the shelf" holster regardless of brand name and hype.  You have all my business from now on.  Thanks so much for being so expedient and customer focused.


July 18, 2001

Model: HW7

The Mernickles

Yesterday afternoon I discovered my holster was at home awaiting my return from work.  Congratulations on a job well done.  The construction was flawless; the fit and finish is perfect; the carving on the holster was the exact execution of the snakehead I desired.  I now have a one-of-a-kink heirloom that will last for generations.  Thanks!

Dave Busch

Another HW7 Testimonial

June 13, 2001.

Model:  PS6SA

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we received Charlie's holster yesterday and it is fantastic!  The color is won\derful and the fit is, as usual, like a glove.  You really outdid yourself on this one.

What kind of product do you recommend to keep the leather in good condition due to the extreme arid conditions here in Nevada?

Can you make the PS6 for the 1911 with and FBI cant?

Thanks again for the great work.

Charlie and Sue.

June 12, 2001

Got the holster and mag holder on Saturday and was really pleased with the looks and quality.  Your probably don't remember but I told you when I ordered the gear that I wanted to wear it with an old money belt that I have.  I thought I might have to dye the pieces a little so they would match the belt. Not so. They all match perfectly.  Thanks a lot.  I'm really happy with the way everything turned out.

Mike Breazeal.

June 11, 2001

Model:  FC3


I ordered an FC3 from you custom engraved with the Ruger emblem on it.  I received it perhaps a week or two ago, but due to work, was unable to try it out.  It look absolutely fabulous, but the carry is even better.  It fits the Ruger Super Blackhawk like a glove, draws are lightning quick, and it still looks superb.  Thank You for delivering a product well worth the price and the wait.

C. Anderson

P.S. I know Bonnie deserves the credit for the engraving, tell her 'Thanks' for me.  CA

Another FC3 Testimonial

May 07, 2001.

Bob Mernickle,

Just received my "plain Jane" in today's post and it was well worth the wait.  Al I can say is "you are a master magician with a piece of dead cow".  The colt fits it like a shadow and I am well please with it.  Now I can't wait to show it off, and will surely pass your name around down here.  Thanks.

Fred & Audry Klein

May 03, 2001

Model: FC567

I am VERY PLEASED with the holster you made for me.  The Dragon carving is great, please let your carver know that I think it is special.  The overall quality of the holster is excellent.  I will make sure that our customers know how to contact you.

I have not had a chance to wear the holster for any length of time, but will be doing so in a couple of weeks.

Please keep the picture of the dragon on file, in the future we will be talking about additional products.

Again, thank you very much.

Jim Helmick.

April 23, 2001

Model: HW1


Thanks for the fine work on the matched set of three HW1 holsters.  As usual the workmanship was extraordinary.  The fit and finish are flawless.  The mechanics of your holsters are incredible.  You can tell a lot of thought goes into the design.  The world needs more world-class leather craftsmen such as you.

Till next time,

David Bailles
Minnesota, USA.

April 22, 2001

Model: SH3

Sir, just received my special SH-3 shoulder rig.  I was absolutely astonished at the craftsmanship.  You sir are a master of your craft!  I new by the web site I was getting what I wanted but this holster as you said on the phone for my .45 Blackhawk was beyond what I was expecting.  Superb craftsmanship, detail, looks, fit everything was beyond what you said!  I thank you very much for your kindness on the phone, your holster and your speedy delivery!  Now I want to go out and buy another pistol so I can get another holster, thanks again, a satisfied and future customer!

Robert Tomasino

April 21, 2001

Hi Bob!

This is Scott in California.  I've recently received my shoulder holster and it's Way Cool.  Your The Best!!!!!!!!



March 27, 2001

Model: CA5/6

I just came in from work and found the GREAT LOOKIN' belt and holster set you made!  All I can say is WOW!  I've never won anything before, what a prize to win something of this quality and beauty. The SHBfits perfectly!  All I know to say is thank you, now I get to try it out.

Milton Dye

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

         December 23, 2000.

        Model:  HW4


Thank you so much for the wonderful craftsmanship and perfect fit of my very special custom holster. I am certain that I could have found a holster and belt for a slightly smaller investment elsewhere but I would never have been as pleased as I am to have this holster. My custom holster is magnificent example of your dedication and artistic expertise. I appreciate your extra effort and considerate gesture of rush shipping it to me by Christmas. It will give me pride and tremendous protection for my 44 magnum and will certainly be a conversation piece around Bear and Elk hunting campfires for many years to come.

I will tell my friends where to find the finest custom made holsters, belts, and rifle slings obtainable anywhere! 

Yours Truly,

Tom Kehler
Thomas W. Kehler
Service Support Engineer
WW Service Provider Technical Operations Headquarters

        December 22, 2000.

        Model:  FD8


All I can say is "WOW".  You did an unbelievably fantastic job on this rig.  It is without a doubt the best rig ever built for Fast Draw.  It also has to be the best looking Fast Draw rig ever built.  You are the VERY BEST leather craftsman in the world.  A true ARTIST with leather and the best fast draw rig builder this is.  I am extremely elated with this reg.  All I can say is thanks a million times over for such a perfect job.  You are the best there is.  I am really happy with this rig. Wow!  WHAT A RIG.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Part 2: 

Just wanted to  thank you again for the great job on the rig.  I just came in from the garage, I just had to Rock-Out a few rounds, and let me tell you, what a rig.  WOW!  And they say a rig doesn't make a difference.  It feels great, you set it up perfect for me, it needs no adjustment.  PERFECT.

I had a couple of guys over to drool over and they want to know if you would build a less expensive rig for them, and if so, how much?

This rig has relit my fire in Fast Draw that was dying out because of the fact that I didn't feel up to it and figured what's the use, but now, I'm back and on fire for Fast Draw.  Thanks to your perfect rig.

Thanks a MILLION.

       November 23, 2000.

Model:  CA56

       Dear Bob and Bonnie

Last night, arriving home after work I spotted your shipping box in the days mail, I immediately open it it putting the holsters on over my business clothes.  I then slid in my six shooters, a perfect fit.  The Cowboy Action shooting holsters, gun belt, knife sheath and shotgun cartridge belt are all perfect -- I am elated!

Bob, your adroit craftsmanship is obvious as shown by painstaking attention to detail.  Additionally, the custom carving of the Adder heads on the holsters by Bonnie is meticulous as well as stunning.  The holsters are, as my 16 year old son would say, "waaaay cool".  I may not be the #1 shootest at the SASS matches, but I know I'll have the coolest looking, best crafted, most functional holsters.  (Is there such a thing as, -holster envy-?).

        Bob and Bonnie thank you very much.

        Rori Marston
        LtCol USAF Retired
        SASS #33657 aka "Adder"

Another CA56 Testimonial

        November 11, 2000.

        Hi Bob:

I just wanted to drop a brief note letting you know that I've received my custom order belt.  Again, the craftsmanship is outstanding.  There is not a single leather shop or           retailer  in the entire state of Wisconsin that comes close to producing the quality products that you've made me. I would like to type up a small testimonial for your            TESTIMONIALS  section on your web page - would this be alright?

        Again, thanks much - I am extremely satisfied.  I will be making additional purchases from you in the future and I hope to direct additional business to you.


        David Perrodin
        Stevens Point, WI

October 13, 2000.

Model:  SH7B

Hi Bob,

Just thought you might want to know how the holster you made for me performed in the field. I used the holster during a black bear hunt in northern Maine during the first week of September. I carried a Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt with a 5 1/2barrel. I carried it every day and it is by far the most comfortable holster I have found yet for a gun that big.

I carried the gun on 4 mile walks, in tree stands and ground blinds, and in and out of vehicles. On two occasions I helped the guide search in very heavy brush for wounded bears. The search is done by following a very large Rottweiler while holding a handgun and questioning your sanity just about every step.

During all of this activity the field carry holster performed great. It kept the gun secure and out of the way while being very accessible. I would like to thank you again for filling my order on short notice and making sure that I received the holster in time for the hunt.

Mike Fuller


October 5, 2000

Model:  PS6 & PS22


I told you that I would try the holster and get back to you as to how I like it or don't like it. Not much excites me Bob, but I have been wearing my holster daily for a little over 6 months and I indeed love it. I ordered the PS6, mag carrier (P22), and a belt for my Springfield 1911A1 and as a Police Officer I was a little concerned that the holster did not have a thumb strap. Your manufacturing methods are excellent because I have never worried about the pistol coming out of the holster unless I deliberately pulled it out. The holster, belt, mag carrier combo is a great tool that I use almost every day in my duties. The extreme high carry is just the thing I was looking for in a concealed carry package. Thank you for your superior product, personal attention, and honest approach to doing business. I look forward to using my current product for years to come and to ordering other products from your line in the future when the need arises.


R. C. Privett

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 3, 2000.

Model:  HW2


I just received my h2 double rig and all i can say is, what a knockout job you and your people did. Its a beautiful rig and I can tell there was a lot of pride that went into producing this rig. The tooling and other leather work is primo and the fit is perfect.

Thank you for a quality product.

Marv Margolis

September 2000

 Model:  PS2

I turned to Bob Mernickle when I found no major holster maker made what I wanted, and most custom makes weren't so custom. I wanted a leather, IWB holster with a straight cant. Bob gave me this plus reinforced the lip, and cut down the front in the quick-draw style. The holster was concealable, secure, comfortable, and real fast.

I got to test it out chasing down a burglary suspect. We ran 150 yds. full out. The suspect turned and charged directly at me. In the blink of an eye, (Yeah, Blink!), I presented from under a cover shirt and squared my sights on the suspect's chest. He surrendered. Uniformed officers caught up to my location. I identified myself and re-holstered one-handed. The suspect got two years and his second strike.

Looking back on the incident, there are a few things I would do differently now. The one thing I would not change is the holster. I don't consider my Mernickle holster just a holder for my gun; I consider it an integral part of the emergency life-saving equipment I carry.

Thanks Bob.

Dep. Brian K. Irons
Monterey County (CA) Sheriff's Department

Another PS2 Testimonial

August 28, 2000

Model:  CA56

Howdy Bob,

I got the holsters this past week and was amazed at how beautiful and well made they are. Absolutely the finest rig I've laid eyes on in almost 9 years of Cowboy Action Shooting.

They instantly became my favorite rig, and when I attended a small monthly shoot yesterday, I got a heckuva lot of compliments on them. Another one of the shooters, Cutter Kid was wearing a rig you made, too. But I liked mine better. By the way, he said he thought you might be moving to Arizona. It's be nice to have you on our side of the border, that's for sure.

I had intended to write a letter to you, but when I looked at the invoice to get your address, I saw your email address. From now on, if anyone asks me, you're the artist who combines form and function better than any other.

Very much obliged,
Curly Bill

Another CA56 Testimonial

August 21, 2000


I received the holster you and Bonnie Lynn expedited to me and I could not be more pleased. It's absolutely beautiful! I really appreciate the personal service you two provided to me. I know my friends will be impressed with both the artistry and the way you conduct your business. I'm sure I'll be ordering more from you in the future. You have both gone way beyond the call of duty and I thank you again for your craftsmanship and for going the extra mile for me.

Sincerely yours,
Ed McCollum

August 18, 2000

Model:  FC3

Dear Bob,

I received your holster yesterday and was most impressed. If you recall I had ordered a field carry cross draw for a 6.5 inch Taurus Raging Bull. The weapon fits in the holster perfectly and is secure while at the same time instantly accessible. Your leather tooling is outstanding and you are indeed a most accomplished craftsman. Thank you very much for your time and attention in constructing my holster and the "Mernickle" attention to detail.

Keller Laging

Another FC3 Testimonial

August 15, 2000

Model:  FD1

Hi Bob, this is Daren Orgill in Tombstone AZ. The FD1 I ordered showed up today, and it fits perfectly. Its hard even to put into words the quality and craftsmanship you put into your work. Thanks again from a VERY satisfied customer.


Another FD1 Testimonial

August 9, 2000


I just wanted to say thanks for the fast service on the holster. The holster is great, better than I had hoped. I will be sure to send my friends your way for leather. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Mike Fuller

June 25, 2000

Model:  FD7


My name is Brian Birmingham, and I just received my new FD-7. The craftmanship is superb. I enjoy leatherworking and considered making my own rig, but after seeing your handiwork, I am glad I ordered from you. It's gonna take me awhile to reach your level of expertise, so you are in no danger whatsoever of competition from me. I look forward to meeting you some day. Thanks again.


May 30, 2000

Model:  PS2

I was just snooping around your site again, and was pleased to see the many new additions. I have been using your holsters now for a year. You will remember that I bought two IWB (one normal, one deep) and a tooled "Extreme" with a thumbreak. In addition, I bought a double thick belt! I could not be more pleased. The quality stays! The most amazing thing is the IWB (PS-2) holsters. After one year, they wear better, retain the weapons very well, and the spring hasn't lost a bit of it's bite. I don't use the belt...just the waistband, and my only gripe is that I have to fight the things to get them off! No...unholstering the weapon will not remove the holster.

I've had many compliments and inquiries about the holsters, and have sent many people toward your web site. Thanks again for the holsters, and thanks for the quality work!

Howard DeWitt

May 13, 2000

Model:  PS6

Dear "Talks very little"

Seldom anymore do I feel like I get what I pay for. It doesn't matter what we are talking about either, work on the house, car maintenance, etc., most people would aspire to have there work classified as "SLIPSHOD".

Imagine my surprise when I opened the package with my new rig in it.YOUR BEAUTIFUL BAYBEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to find someone knows the meaning of the word CRAFTSMANSHIP!

Could I interest you in taking your next vacation in Ohio and doing some work around my house, on my cars, and then my wife has an extensive honey-do list.

Great job!

Ron Wilson

Another PS6 Testimonial

April 26, 2000

Model:  FD1

Howdy Bob and Sherrie,

Just got the rig today, and I have to tell you, it's perfect! The rig fit like a glove. It was well worth the wait. I have already given your name and site address to two people and I will most certainly continue to do so. I have never been so pleased with a rig as I am with this one. I thank you both so much for the time and incredible craftsmanship that went into my rig.

Dwight Hull
Tombstone, AZ

April 1, 2000


Just received the latest holster I ordered from you. It fits and works like a charm. Will definitely recommend you to others. Keep up the good work you are true professional.

Bill Cassingham

March 17, 2000

Model:  PS7

Just wanted to let you know I got my holster and it is by far the most comfortable concealed holster I have ever worn. Like all Small of Back Holsters, I don't think I would want to wear it on a ten hour car trip, however, for everything else it is great.

Mark Olberding

Another PS7 Testimonial

March 1, 2000

Hi again:

Received my order today. My expectations were exceeded. Great craftsmanship. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot. It proves that you get what you pay for.

Thanks again.

Herman K. Hinshaw

February 17, 2000

Model:  CA56


My wife's present arrived today and it is stunning. I couldn't have picked a better style, color and most importantly, craftsman to make it for me. I was so lucky to find your website and to have selected your business. I can't wait to see her face when I give it to her.

Keep up the great work and I'll be in touch when I need one made for me!

William Coffman

After being asked for approval to use his e-mail on this page, William sent back the following reply:

Dear Bob and Sherrie,

I would proudly allow you to share my letter of gratitude for your services. I am thankful also to the internet and this new form of commercial business that introduced me both to you and your excellent craftsmanship. I assure you that whenever the subject of custom holsters comes up in conversation, your name will quickly follow.

Best wishes and prosperity,

William Coffman

Another CA56 Testimonial

January 12, 2000

Model:  PS6


I have been wearing your PS6 for the past few days now and it is everything that you said it was. I barely know I have it on. It's the first time I've been able to comfortably wear a belt holster with my Colt for the whole day. As with your western rigs, fit and finish is superb.

Thanks again.
Rick Buono

P.S. Feel free to use either/both e-mails on your sight. After seeing four samples of your work (my hw2, hw1 double, PS6 and my buddies SOB for his S&W 29), I have no reservations in recommending your work.

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 8, 2000

Model:  FD4

Dear Mr. Mernickle:

You probably don't remember us, we met you in South Dakota about 2 years ago. My father purchased one of your FD-1 (Cal Eilrich Signature) holsters for me and I think of you every time I wear it. I also tell everyone who asks about it (and everyone asks) about you and how GREAT your holsters are. I recently started shooting S.A.S.S. and they all loved it too. I can't 'sing' your praises enough. Thank you for not only such a beautiful, fine quality holster but also one that has been comfortable from the moment I put it on. I don't even consider wearing any other holster (and I've been offered many).


October 12, 1999

Model:  FC3

Hey Bob,

Received the Field Carry holster for my Super Blackhawk today. I must say that it far exceeds the fit, finish, and quality of any "off-the-rack" holster I have ever purchased. Very well made, and just plain beautiful. The Super B-hawk looks grand in it. This rig will ride my belt during my bird hunting expeditions next month.

Hope your wedding went well. Be sure to put your pictures on your web site.

Best regards and thanks again.

Chuck Hodges
Snohomish, WA

October 7, 1999

Bob, I received my holster in the mail yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship you put into it. Thank you again.

Dan Clement

April 2, 1999


Got it, very happy with the results.

Love the workmanship and the angle of the holster.Went riding the other day and the rig function perfectly.

Thank you so much.

Be in touch.


March 23, 1999

Subject: Received my order!


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and am very impressed! You did an excellent job and it is exactly what I expected! Thanks... you have been great to do business with. If I ever need another system (or any accessories) you will be the first one I turn to. Again, thank you and take care.

Brad Coolidge

January 2, 1999

Model:  CA2

Subject: Trailmaster Holster

Mr. Mernickle,

Just to let you know, I received my "Trailmaster" belt and two holsters on December 21st, just before Christmas. Timing could not have been better - it was my Christmas gift after all!!

The fit and finish of everything was excellent, beyond my expectations. The quality and workmanship is first class and best of all it looks great. I can't wait for Spring to put it into action.

Thanks and have a good New Year!



November 15, 1998

Model:  FD2

Subject: Holster FD2 "New Brown"


Just a note from Gene "The Kid". Got my holster and it is gorgeous, like everyone else I wear it around the apartment all of the time. Thanks for doing such a nice job on my holster!

Another FD2 Testimonial

September 21, 1998

Model:  FD2


I received my FD 2 holster today and it is PERFECT!!! I could not be more pleased. The fit, the quality of the workmanship, everything is great. I will highly recommend your work to my friends and anyone who asks.

Thanks again for the excellent holster.

Best Regards,

Craig, Co.

September 10, 1998

Model:  HW7


Jim VanDeman from Oklahoma City here.... finally got the rig - I missed the postman on Friday and had to wait past the holiday on Monday and so picked it on Tuesday. I am very glad to say, that with your creations, "what you see is what you get". In the beginning I was very impressed with the images of your work as I viewed them on your net site - then I got the real thing - WOW!!! Very, very nice. Thanks.

I still have plans to order another rig (in left hand), but I have had a set back in my work due to my being very ill. So, it will probably be around December or January before I can send the order to you. The good thing is that I have people wanting my artwork (it sort of happens that way when one is low on work and has very little to offer!)

Thanks again, the belt and holster are beautiful. My Friend Don Faulkenberry who has an order in for one of your rigs, saw mine when I got it, and is chomping at the bit to get his. I can see how you are six weeks back logged. Great!!!

Best of luck to you and your family...
Until later....


August 28, 1998

Model:  CA56

Hey Bob!

The holsters arrived yesterday and my family has been making fun of me ever since 'cause I've been wearing them around the house, showing them to the neighbors or just about anyone else who will pretend to be interested.

When I ordered them from you I said what I really wanted was to open the box and go "Wow". Well, I got what I asked for. Really first class work.

Thanks for a great job and delivering the goods.



July 7, 1998


Just wanted to let you know that the holster was waiting when we returned home last evening. And what a fine holster it is! Really like the sunburst color and my Ruger Super Blackhawk loves it too! Thanks for a fine product. I certainly will seize every opportunity to tell and show friends and acquaintances the fine product you turn out.


June 9, 1998

Model:  CA5 Holster; CA4 Belt


Aloha! I am truly blessed by this fine piece of workmanship. It will be worn with pride carrying an EMF 1873, 45LC, 7 1/2" barreled, Hartford Cavalry Model - I believe one of the more beautiful reproductions. The rig looks fantastic and is much appreciated. Your leather work is not only excellent but it is complimented by a balance and authenticity in design that makes it a piece of art.

It will be in Williams, Arizona at the SASS cowboy shoot over the fourth of July.

I hope our paths cross one day, it was a pleasure talking with you on the phone. Keep the coffee offer open, I hope to take you up on it. God bless! Thanks again.

Jim, Hawaii

May 21, 1998

Hi Bob.

I received my holster in the mail yesterday and it is beautiful. You did a nice job on it.

I know that everyone will want to know where it came from, and I will recommend it to everyone.

Thank you.
Rodger, Pennsylvania

April 6, 1998

Model:  PS7 with Thumbrake

Hi Bob,

Well, you were right, it did "come any day now"! .....and I'm excited! I have never been disappointed with your work. The holster is the top quality that you always produce! The 6" Mod. 629 44 Magnum fits like a glove. The leather is thick and strong, the stitching and design holds the holster firmly in place. This is no small feat for a large revolver such as this in an SOB holster!

The angle you tilted it at is perfect to keep the revolver high enough for concealment under loose fitting clothes (I usually wear like a denim shirt, open over a "T" shirt). Since I'm big (not over-weight type big) -- 6' 4" / 245lbs. (Well, not too much over-weight) conceals great. Of course, if you bend over the grip will protrude (unless you glue it to your back) -- so you just have to be conscious of how and when you do it. Since I was use to carrying a S&W .45 Auto in SOB fashion, I know how to sit, etc. and still be comfortable.

The thumb-break holds the revolver in securely and will take the worry out of doing things like riding a motorcycle. I had mentioned that my brother and my very best friend are police officers. Whenever I use to talk to them, I envisioned and described my "wish list" for the perfect holster to carry a large revolver. I even spent much time looking for one for the .45, but never found one with everything I needed. This one has it all! Nobody else had such a rig until I talked to you...................SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH -- and good luck with this new product. I'm sure the word will get out!

Neil, NJ

March 20, 1998

Model:  HW3

Dear Bob,

When I visited your website, the appearence of your products were fantastic, and after our phone conversation, I was sure of the quality and workmanship that you provide with your products.

I ordered a western rig and when it arrived, I had high expectations of looks and quality. It is not often that when ordering a product 'sight unseen', that these expectations are matched, however, I was simply amazed at the quality at appearance of my rig.

My guns fit perfectly and looks GREAT! I couldn't be more pleased!

Thanks so much,
Michael, Ohio

March 9, 1998

Mr. Mernickle,

I received your holster on Monday, I just want to say a big "Thank You". It is indeed beautiful and my ruger fits like a dream. I will be recommending your company to my family and friends.

Tammara, WA

March 4, 1998

Model:  PS6

Dear Mr. Mernickle,

I ordered a custom holster from you after speaking with yourself and your friendly wife. Since my order was so custom, I was concerned that either there would be miscommunication or just an inability to "get it right".

My name is David Woroner. A graduate of Executive Security International, PADI SCUBA Instructor, USCG 100 Ton Master of Vessels. I have worked as an Executive Protection Agent, a competitor in IPSC competition, NRA Firearms Instructor, Instructor of Executive Protection to Members of Law Enforcement, Instruction in Officer Survival.

Sir, you "got it right". If you remember, it was a cross-draw for a lefty, slightly canted forward, for a Glock. I am so pleased with the fit, comfort, quality of workmanship and overall performance. I wanted to let you know that there are still people who care about quality & service. You delivered both and more. You may expect more orders from myself and my fellow gunmen. I would also like to extend you the offer to use this as a testimonial. I feel that strongly.

David Woroner

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